Who We Are

We dedicate ourselves to the wants and needs of art collectors and sophisticated lifestyles alike. Whether you are a curious buyer looking for a piece to add to your collection, or an artist waiting to be discovered, Sunrose is a one-stop-shop with a strong foundation of passion for arts. We are proud to serve audiences across Southern California from L.A. to San Diego, and worldwide from our base in Orange County.

Our platform is a refreshing way to inspire the collector, the client and the broader art community, offering exclusive works of art, live performances, and professional services. We offer curated personal commissions, a new route for budding collectors, and an interactive gallery experience for aficionados, with an evolving roster of artists, based on your interests.

Our world is your stage. We are more than merely players.

Our Vision

With Sunrose Studios, I am moving through and beyond my own artistic expression, to serving the enlightenment of my community.

I have always been inspired and influenced by fine art. When art first became a bigger part of my life, it really saved me. I felt a transformation right away, and made artistry my life pursuit. Before I knew it, I had stepped into this unique renaissance tradition, and received this powerfully refreshing vision.

Our mission is to inspire and invite you to reflect on your own vision of life and how fine art can play a new and ongoing role in expressing that. We also offer a way for talented emerging and established artists to share their gifts and engage their artwork in professional service.

This season is all about the divinity of classical and contemporary techniques, and the delicious fusion of the two. Please enjoy our platform. We hope you consider becoming a Member and check out all of the services Sunrose has to offer. We are here to make you feel divine. Let us surprise and amaze you.

All the best,
Michael Irish, MS
Principal Artist & CEO

Chairman’s Circle Friend & Member, Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce

The New Renaissance

An addendum for the most artfully interested parties.

The traditional method of artful transmission from Master to Apprentice links together our lineage of arts all the way back to ancient times. During post-Medieval Europe, these links were brought back in full force with the advent of the printing press and resulting spread of neo-classical sciences, the burgeoning trade nations and the need to revitalize culture. All of these means and methods together culminated in the near-magical abilities and interests that prefigured our own current global technocratic culture, as well as the relationships of all Artists and Art Lovers today.

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As the Academies rose in order to conserve the teachings of the passing High-Renaissance Great Masters, they initiated their own fall from an eventually rigid position, amidst the stresses of the State and looming Industrial Age. Secessionist fueled art movements opened up more freedom and fullness with the Public and Collectors, and at the same time disrupted the stability of Artists forever. It is important to know that the great methods and studios of life-like precision, luminous harmony, and deep perspective were nearly lost during the the social fallout around WWI and WWII. The Vienna tradition in particular was looted and crumbled following the era of Klimt and his contemporaries.

Artistic traditions must be carried out and handed on.

Immediately following WWII, a group of young students from all across Europe gathered at the Vienna Academy, and under the guidance of their Professor, with insight from a lone Restorer and the secrets within Max Doerner’s ‘Materials of the Artist’, fully resurrected the ‘mixed-technique’ of oil and tempera glazing, to create ‘jewel-like’ visions of ‘spiritual loss and triumph’ and initiate the school of Fantastic Realism. Ernst Fuchs, the most central figure in this movement, was himself a ‘mixed-blood’ Austrian Jewish-Christian who narrowly avoided the Holocaust. It was his work that first drew me to this path in life.

We must all leap from the shoulders of giants.

I consider it one of the greatest blessing’s of my life to have studied along the way with two apprentices of Prof. Fuchs, Amanda Sage and Laurence Caruana, and to call them Great Masters and Friends. Like me, many of our Sunrose Artists have also studied with several Contemporary Masters and Schools as well, and are inspired by fusing several approaches, like Chefs in the Kitchen refining recipes for delightful new tastes. So I am ever-driven, by the artistry and the legacy, and by the emergence of our new tools for expression and connection, to bring these traditional methods into contemporary focus. I am supremely passionate about bridging cultures through artwork, and through sharing the artistry, re-discovering our very best.

Welcome to the New Renaissance.