We are, therefore we make. – Michael Irish, MS / 2018-2019

Soulful realism to timeless abstraction, classical renaissance quality meets contemporary expression, in a refreshing post-millennial style of human maturity and celebration.


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The Emissary

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on wood, 48X48”

– $3,250 –

‘They say the sea is cold, but the sea contains the hottest blood of all.’ - D.H. Lawrence


We can only cherish beauty that reflects ourselves. Who we are marks everything that we look for, and how we go about looking defines everything that we see. When we swim nakedly in the great ocean of life, we can break through the surface with our tremendous enjoyment. While it may seem to emerge from the expanse for only brief moments, there is a mysteriously careful elegance in the brutal beauty of it all.

I often lay awake in bed as a child hearing the whale song coming from far away, calling to me from the void like a beating cosmic heart. I drew whales obsessively, and I am still up at night hearing the ancient song calling me. Now I see the whale is an emissary, calling us to our own freedom and fullness, reflecting the ultimate grace of our own powerful presence. Now I am the emissary too.


Oil, tempera, gold leaf on canvas, 36X36”

– $2,350 –

‘To create one’s world, in any of the arts, takes courage.’ - Georgia O’Keeffe


A single ethereal rose left in the window for a lover reminds us of the surprises we carve in time, to leave in store for each other. There is a moment like this I am always yearning to make new. A moment made of light. The frame, the ring, the red, the bold, the blue, the first moment of seeing the gift, the golden climaxes of life never undone, these are more than just universal symbols, these are the sacred codes that unlock the creation of our own heart in tantric rhythms.

Sunrose II

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on canvas 12X12”

Pearl Within

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on canvas, 12X12”

– $450 –

‘Just hold the center.’ - Lao Tzu


Perennial wisdom does not bother with suppositions about human afterlives or preconditions for human potential, but centers in the clear and direct accessibility of our profoundly insightful core, and the utter universality of its extent. Only when we finally choose to seek for the source of our perspectives, our desires, our activities, do we reach our heartfelt abiding. We release the surface and take in the treasure of our stillness, expanding again with the original pulse of energy behind it all.

Cherry Blossoms

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on wood, 30X48”

– $2,350 –

‘By knowing things that exist, you can know that which does not exist.’ - Miyamoto Musashi


The Kanzan, cherry blossoms are a most poignant living symbol of impermanence, dancing like a sweep of sumptuous ink at sunrise, empty of past and future and even the unceasing present, pure revelation in the dark. Our ordinary view of impermanence fades away, and we see that though birthed and broken into pieces, we are still ever-defined by the wholeness of each fulfilling moment. The unfolding, cascading of our precious lives, witnessing each other side by side through these opening and completing movements of fiercest grace, in the spirit of Kanzan. Unseen, we find only the confusion of our partiality, while our impermanence bloomed and beheld before us transforms, into the effulgent spring of our contemporaneous minds, as we celebrate the gleaming miracles, flowing between our shadows.

Ark of the Covenant

Oil, tempera, gold leaf, resin on wood, 30X48”

– $3,250 –

‘Your picture of reality is your most important creation. Make it powerfully, and profoundly beautiful.’ - Alex Grey


My whole life is a naked platform that I stand next to serving and sweeping the ground before saying, do you see, do you see what insires me? I am in awe of what I see always. I am humbled to make, to cast vision, as the source of all of this pours through. I know the explosion of inspiration, the precision of devotion, the glory of reception. I am the first viewer of a banquet of life that I serve. It is nourishment we host. I have an even bigger vision for nourishing life than this piece can ever hope to illuminate. It all stitches together. There is a table of plenty before us all. Artists are trying to say something, to inspire our celebration.

Feathers of Paradise

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on wood, 30X48”

– $2,350 –

‘Make me the vessel of your excellence.’ - Dante Alighieri


Paradise is a vision we carry with us. It is the trophy of our devotion to the path we walk upon with all our heart and soul. Whatever our future culture will be is an expression of the present path we take, both personally and collectively. This piece marks a victorious finish, where the vital feathers of our success as a global culture surround our interior sense of fulfillment.

Our future is a crystalline paradise, that we have all fashioned from within. It is available to each of us, right now. How do I know this is true? When I see the wildfires rage across the fleeting landscape, I see that only our human excellence can respond. When I turn away from the ever-grey tones of so-called news, the birds of paradise bloom all around and within me. The eyes that see and these things beheld are not-two. This is the timeless prize.

Omega Point

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on canvas, 30X40”

– $2,350 –

‘Only the spirit of the Artist can capture what is ephemeral and ineffable.’ - Ernst Fuchs


The ineffable speaks saying, stand out on the still ancient cliffside with me and see, our days do not merely burn out at dusk but blaze before us in the most resplendent presence of completion. The altar of your vision glows in royal velvets and the living fire of watery light, every day like a thousand years etched upon your precious sea and sky.

Spirit Run

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on canvas, 30X40”

– $2,350 –

‘She is free to do what she wants, and not to do it.’ - Nawal Elsaadawi


The Arabian horse embodies freedom, spirit, and transformation beyond our own horizons in the most perfect way. At every level, from personal relationship, to power in the world, the horse elevates us to the status of angel in riding. We learn to care for this gorgeous earth and all the regal inhabitants through these ambassadors of soul. 

We carry our gaze around the world, ever searching for the new, yet ever seeking the strangely familiar. Is it not all the beloved one? This piece is dedicated to our long future of positively affecting people with the therapeutic and ecstatic setting of art, horses, and nature.

The Gatekeeper

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on canvas, 12X16”

– $2,350 –

‘Art will change the world .. let’s cultivate peace.’ - Alex Sastoque


The new rising day faces our whole planet like a gateway to a once familiar mystery, while the Nemean myth ends at the edges of our constellated empires. Our impenetrable forces of vanity glance all voracious arrows of attack askew, while strangling our adversarial ways settles for but a terrifyingly narrow success. Our ancient indigenous vision predates our cultivated heroic image, calling us to face the totality of our human spirit and take on the crown of abundant glory. This is awakening from a dream within a dream within a dream.

Spectral ribbons and golden threads bear bejeweled hyper-feathers, for the divine eye of every member of every class and in every tribe from every land. Here is the hour of the olive branch, the glassy rose, the lucky clover, the unveiled heart. Luminosity weaves the renewing vision with a trans-totemic lucid stare, as all symbols fall away, and the signless sign breaks through every chain. We greet the dawn of our home world.

Starlight Concerto

Lacquer, stain, resin, gold and silver leaf in hand-made wood box, 36X48”

– $3,250 –

‘Simplicity is the final achievement .. the crowning reward of art.’ – Frederic Chopin


We are concerts unto ourselves. From our own vast silence emerges our depth of tone, and brightness of space. We are instruments breathing amidst a forest of themes. For a brief moment our composition may reveal our solo performance, to highlight the sublime movement of our senses. I revel in the symphonic mystery of it. Here, that singing moment when the absolute dawns on us in our lives for the first time blooms again and again, the light of being within the shades of becoming. This work is an orchestration for your eye. Late in the evening, with the lights down save the spot on the center star flower, the whole thing simply melts. This piece also pays homage to the shadow-box collections that fascinated me as a child, and traditional styles of Asian lacquer work.

’Having just admired the actual painting a few days ago, I can testify that it is a universe unto itself. No photographic image can do justice to its tremendous depths, reflective lights in gold and silver, and luscious surface reflections. Such a powerful work of art – a microcosm!’  – Laurence Caruana

Undiscovered Country

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on ragboard, 48X56”

– $2,350 –

‘You are the sky.’ – Pema Chodron


At some point in life for all of us, the sun of our wonder passes behind the clouds of our knowledge, and our passion or purpose may seem lost from sight. The storms of our doubt form from the mists of rising fears, but when our tears of sorrow fall, they may well nourish the ground we watch over for ever.

We may eventually find that our whole path is itself our own undiscovered skyward country, and that we the glimmering light shining throughout the tempestuous revolutions do remain still, pouring out immensely grateful nativity in vital shades of awe.

Bonsai Stone

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on canvas, 30X40”

– $2,350 –

‘Colour is a means of exerting direct influence on the soul.’ – Wassily Kandinsky


Sienna, crimson, indigo, emerald, these are the ways that I am reaching out to the branches of your being and pouring fresh water onto the base of your soul. Round the corner of the sacred garden within to behold your own curing wellspring, where the simple constraint of an unwavering presence has fashioned your singing bowl from out of vast nothingness. You see where the fountain of youth is firmly planted, and the once fragile vessel becomes the rugged immortal frame. Incandescent spirit, we coalesce into the cooling touch.


Oil, tempera, gold leaf on canvas, 48X72”

– $4,250 –

‘Color is space.’ – Ernst Fuchs


Fountains of light unweave the heavily textured underpainting into feathering columns, abstract expressions of liquid now subsumed behind the flowing arches of full-spectrum color. From opaque ruby shadows to bright sapphire and transparent emerald edges, you will find no blackness here but that in the eye. A bright gold cuts through the braid-work to accentuate the juxtaposition of surface texture and spacial flow. Uplifting.

This is pure style in the prime, an exhibit in grand contemporary manner of the jewel-like illumination that this process results in. Dedicated to Ernst Fuchs, the Fire-Fox, whose contribution to resurrecting the mixed-technique of oil and tempera has led to generations of visionary artists, and my own inheritance of this transmission from the New Vienna Masters. Almost all the work in this school has leaned deeply into fantastic narrative, and I feel compelled to carry it further into more mainstream art-world focus, by applying its tremendous power in fabulous new ways.

Mount Lazuli

Oil, tempera, metal leaf on wood, 24X48”

– $2,350 –

‘I will preach with my brush.’ – Henry Ossawa Tanner


There is a secret unspeakable language at play in all of this, pointing back toward the various qualities of this or that Great Master who has deeply inspired me, professing to me that we all live in one brush. Life is truly a fleeting gesture of medium and message, saying fly together unto the highest heights, swoop together over the deep on deep.

Lapis Lazuli is a powerful stone of courage and creativity. Here we sail around the sacred temple mountain of our own tall spirit at dawn again, as warmth wraps the cool and the gold-and-silver wings are singing, inviting the day to shine in the colors of divine recognition.


Oil, tempera, gold leaf on canvas, 30X48”

– $2,350 –

‘I dream my paintings, then I paint my dreams.’ – Vincent Van Gogh


This season of work hovers significantly about the oceanic edge of the world, as I contemplate our evolving footprint along these passages of light. In solitude, staring across the first glowing breaker and gull’s wings toward the distant sunrise, or absorbing the swaying palm in the bright afternoon, an immense peace and tenderness that I cannot explain or contain wells up in me, and I am moved beyond tears, into dreaming.

Sky Lilies (Triptych)

Oil and tempera on canvas, 48X72”

– $3,750 –

‘It is simply necessary to love.’ – Claude Monet


Sitting in the museum as a child before the immersive blues, glowing lavenders and gentle greens of Monet’s Water Lilies was a transformative experience. The man loved in a way that was clear and deeply shared. Facing the temple of vision we find pillars of light always precede our way. Looking through the windows into the sacred space of intimate beholding, we see a primal wealth of feeling rushing for anyone with a cup. Music rises up the watery face in chorals of harmonic gratitude, resounding a new song composed just for you. Walk up the steps, enter the vision, bathe in the light. If we are truly meant for the heavens, then we must remake everything in the sky.

Endless Light (Diptych)

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on wood, 48X72”

– $2,750 –

‘The book should be a ball of light in one’s hand.’ – Ezra Pound


These unstained glass panels hearken to days when I laid on church benches avoiding the standing up and the preaching. Just leave me singing and staring into the light coming alive through the windows, staring into nothing. The light is perfect by itself, and it will sing us to life if we let it in.

We hold the digital dreams of poets in our hands now, a tessellated plane of fact or fiction that reflects our evolving intentions back to us in the varied winds of sad stories to serendipities. Two sides join together epic spaces of crystalline iridescence, inlaid stone over burnt ground, to forge a new whole. One day soon, we will all step into the visions that we virtually dream of now. The book will soon be a sun above one’s head again. The alivening of light never ends.

Ikarus Reborn

Oil, tempera, metal leaf on canvas, 24X30”

– $1,950 –

‘Man is something that must be overcome.’ – Freidrich Neitzsche


Never has there been a real triumph of human spirit-in-action that has not required the ultimate sacrifice, of the whole life we have known. When we choose to take flight into the unknown we take no risks, for we leap assured only of our eventual free-fall. Those have who truly succeeded in life admit that all success is fleeting, all success is self-made, and nobody succeeds alone.

Facing the totality is our ultimate instinct, behind our all-encompassing human intensities. The mystic has found at-hand, direct access to the impersonal sun of awareness and cannot hesitate to remain on the islands of perception. Compelled to take flight with our frailty and ferocity, we become what we have sought. We have died into it, because we are born for it. Our faces are made for astonishment. 

The Awakening

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on canvas, 24X36”

– $2,350 –

‘All we are is the result of what we have thought’ – Buddha


While our eyes crack open to see the infinite landscape before us, our mind feathers into the heavens. Our face is made of flowing stone, our crown the jeweled radiant apex of a living movement of this rarified earthen cosmos. A light behind the veil, an egg, a seed, the milky drop of luminous clarity we call our self but can never hold on to, transforms into enrapturing original emotion.

All I am showing you, after all that has passed before these eyes, is exactly how it feels to be completely inseparable from life.

We arise as we are already, like fine alabaster overflowing with archangelic presence. The moment of awakening is not some newer or more present moment, more special than others, but the ongoing, startling realization of the simple profundity of being alive at all. Looking through this one clear thought, the self is set free and fully inspired. Transmitting this ecstatic experience is the ultimate challenge and opportunity of the arts, for passion, empathy, lucidity, these are where we set our sparks to flame.

Dedicated to Amanda Sage, dear friend and teacher to many, who can carry the brightest of lights into the deepest of darkness.

Fire Nation

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on wood, 25X48”

– $2,350 –

‘A very great vision is needed, and the man who has it must follow it as the eagle who seeks the deepest blue of the sky.’ – Crazy Horse, Oglala Sioux Tribe


Reflecting the dream hoop of human relations is to be poised between fire and water, destruction and crystallization, violence and harmony. Facing our epic national wildfires and lasting global firefights, this work creates a turning point amidst the sound and fury. We who make for a beautiful world must transfigure the fire within, wearing our garlands of inspiration.

Like wisdom from the ashes, feathers of precious stone weave ribbons of watery space to ground the new song of celebration. The conch calls, bridging the totality in fully selfless appreciation, undaunted, fearless, the power of compassion merging with all the dreams, all the dreamers, and humanity’s dream come true.


Chalice of Light

Oil, tempera, resin, metal leaf on wood, 32X48”

– $3,250 –

‘Perfect love is the most beautiful of all frustrations because it is more than one can express.’ - Charlie Chaplin


Our lives are dynamic flows of sensitivity and activity, continuously cohering and dissolving. All of the triumphs, the turmoils and the temptations that may course along the shifting horizons of our experience coalesce around a centralizing radiance of pure awareness. This absolute taste is the most overlooked and least understood aspect of who we are, yet it suffuses all of our reality with the lifeblood of precious being.

Throne Room

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on canvas, 36X36”

– $2,350 –

‘They cast their crowns before the throne.’ – Revelation 4:10


The palace has descended in a column of seated fire and every tongue declares the roots of peace beneath your footstool. Noble inheritance rests within the sovereign vaults. Arrive, and take your place of wisdom and power. The ancient names open the seals of reality with incanting wings when your divine breath stirs. Throngs of life celebrate the one eye which covers the earth with honor. Leave the throne empty, come and dance.

We must become prophets unto ourselves before we can settle the conflicts between us. Our prayers must serve each other, or there is no prayer at all. The throne cannot be attained through acts of might, but by the undoing of fear alone. The peacemakers reign with otherworldly presence, shaking loose these violent trances of mortal struggle without obligation. Unborn by nature, we reside the palace of many rooms.

The Gateway

Mischtechnique on canvas, 16X16”

– Collected –

‘I don’t believe in art. I believe in artists.’ - Marcel Duchamp


Every artist works to express the inexpressible. We must fail beautifully so that the viewer may succeed, into finding new inspiration. We are all gateways into the river of human experience that flows across the ages. I do not paint pictures. I rest in the light. The pictures paint themselves, while I dream. I stumble upon them in the return, finding ready-made artifacts from an artist I keep believing in.

Crown Jewel

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on canvas, 36X36”

– $2,350 –

‘No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.’ – Albert Einstein


While the opera of desire plays out in predictable lifetimes, the epic of human culture continues striving toward an ever-novel technical perfection of mind and matter, one moment of genius at a time. The ongoing intelligence behind thousands of years of rare knowledge and living skill, broken down and built back up amidst the struggles for earthly power, reaches a transcendent peak within every high-performance bodymind.

These peaks could be called personal singularities, and these moments of genius can inspire legacies that inspire generations. They take us beyond known limits, and make this place our home. Having climbed to the top of the pyramid and having completely beheld the pyre which it is, the apex recedes behind the veil, a gleaming road to the source. Mind is clearly the crown of all matters-at-hand, and genius the crown jewel of our mind.

Pure Magic

Oil, tempera, resin, metal leaf on canvas, 16X20”

– Collected –

‘Painting is pure magic flowing through you.’ – Amanda Sage


Layers of transparent oil color, pure white tempera, and clear resin draw together to lift off the flat surface and crystallize in subtle third dimensions, taking us into a round brilliant diamond chapel space and cliff diving over falls of spectral transformation. This fractal revision of refractive lighting through overlapping interactions is a coherent visionary process that like sleight-of-hand, gradually precedes the sudden and perfect completion.


Oil, tempera, and metal leaf, 30X40”

– $1,950 –

‘There are no rules. That is how art is born, how breakthroughs happen.’ – Helen Frankenthaler


Stretching realism to its expressive limits, form bursts into feeling and the vessel of exploration becomes a vision of the infinite possibility in each of us. The layered organic gleam of the Abalone shell becomes the doorway to peer into realms of our own expansive invention. Bands of carving light compel themselves through our openings as cosmic folds crash out of the recesses of our mind. Leaping in ribbons along a sightscape of prismatic nacre, timeless exuberance marks our moments of total breakthrough.

Becoming Diamond

Oil, tempera, resin, metal leaf on canvas, 16X20”

– Collected –

‘Only do what your heart tells you.’ - Princess Diana


Our planet has been under an historic pressure. The jewel of our humanity has been uncovered, from the depths of the earth, the expanses of the dream, the reality of the light. We have been brought together, face to face, and side by side, to realize the profound clarity of our true nature and the real strength of our mutual embrace. We all have a diamond within us, shining out with our brilliance and our beauty.

The Overcurrent

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on canvas, 30X40”

– $1,950 –

‘Ascend from the subconscious symbolic representation, and open up to the superconscious experimentation.’ – Robert Venosa


There is real, true gold in our artistic lineage. Future light threads the pounding drop of oceanic force in turquoise glow and royal foam. Perspectival space and dynamic movement coalesce into one elegant crystal of the fact that, we are not merely driven by what lays behind or beneath us. In fact we are moved even more so, by the oncoming wave of our own future.

When we catch the flow we lay it down, one gold record at a time. We make the future with art by anticipating, allowing, welcoming, and enjoying it now. Only the artwork survives for longer than the blink of an eye.

Abalone Point

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on canvas, 12X16”

– $450 –

‘Go against the rules or ignore the rules. That is what invention is about.’ – Helen Frankenthaler


Stretching realism to its expressive limits, form bursts into feeling and the vessel of exploration becomes a vision of the infinite possibility in each of us. The layered organic gleam of the Abalone shell becomes the doorway to peer into realms of our own expansive invention. Bands of carving light compel themselves through our openings as cosmic folds crash out of the recesses of our mind. Leaping in ribbons along a sightscape of prismatic nacre, timeless exuberance marks our moments of total breakthrough.

Living Waters

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on wood, 20X28”

– $1,950 –

‘If you want to experience the divine, you have to strive for it.’ - Bruno Gröning


There is a living power within each of us, born of the whole cosmos, pouring through our fragile hollows. There is a sea of life within our fragile shell, crashing into the soul with every glance, carving stones of gleaming spirit. There is a healing stream. It is our love.

Oceanica V

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on wood, 36X48”

– Collected –

‘What would it be like, to no longer be bound by emotions?’ – Adyashanti


To paint is not to leap into the depths but to look around and see, the vast immeasurable. Creativity can create a thousand ripples, it can carry us, it can crush us. Every artist seeks a medium to express a perceptual flow that transcends the crest of any emotion, that reaches to the sky and sparks in to clear bright horizons of creativity. 

Welcome to Paradise

Oil, tempera, metal leaf on canvas, 12X16”

– $1,350 –

‘It takes no more time to see the good side of life than it takes to see the bad.’ – Jimmy Buffett


The conservation and proliferation of our coastlines is one of the most important and powerful opportunities we have to both effect and enjoy real and lasting ecological change. We are all drawn to the beachgoer side of this living edge to hear the low crush, to soak in the tropical light, to rest on the bed of quartz.


Oil, tempera, gold leaf on wood, 36X48”

– $2,350 –

‘Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.’ – Frank Lloyd Wright


It is never a surprise, that nature is always amazing. There is a book of secrets written in the immense architecture of sea and sky. We find its contents revealed in our immersive composure and perfectly reckless abandon. Great architects do not design places to visit or live-in, they anticipate this procession of life, knowing our blueprint for experience comes directly from the relationship we keep with our human and earthly nature. If we study, love, and stay close, we too will never fail.

Eternal Day

Oil, tempera, metal leaf on wood, 24X48”

– $1,350 –

‘What we call the beginning is often the end.’ – T.S. Eliot


Daily our face will turn toward and away, while the steadfast light remains ever present. It is not a sun. It is not a ball of fire. It is the sphere of light. It is the brilliance of concentration. It is the halo of life, making stars to shine within us.

Curtain Call

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on canvas, 24X48”

– $1,950 –

‘I am an artist. I have the ability and free will to choose the way the world will envision me.’ – Lady Gaga


When you look at life this way, all of a sudden the curtains pull back and you see for the first time beyond sidelong glances, how the world is more than just a stage, and we are more than merely players. The great flow of personal acculturation beckoned into spotlit focus stands naked amidst the grand theater of our being and we realize that we are exactly what we behold, all of it, but only while it all plays out.

Timeless Eve

Oil, tempera, metal leaf on wood, 24X48”

– $1,350 –

‘To make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.’ – T.S. Eliot


In the evening when everything is dreaming, the maker rises like a full moon over clear water. Still bright from the reflections of far off day, the chapel of night echoes with mystic color, just this, just this.

Manet with Roses (WIP)

Oil, acrylic, gold leaf on canvas, 24X30”

– $950 –

‘There are no lines in nature, only areas of colour, one against another.’ – Edouard Manet


Fusing early impressionism with the high renaissance creates a holographic homage to the influence all great masters have on future generations. Manet was a crucial bridge, transitioning as an artist from the subtle process of classical realism to the direct alla prima (first stroke) method for capturing fleeting light. His visionary influence on this emergent movement of seeing and painting, alongside his devotion to a progressively liberated culture expressed through art was a turning point of genius.

Beverly, Rain & Shine

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on canvas, 24X36”

– $1,350 –

‘This stammer got me a home in Beverly Hills, and I’m not about to screw it up now.’ - Bob Newhart


In the golden hours after the rain has passed, the whole city glistens like a movie set on screen, and every corner displays a symbolic stage of the magnificent glamor, shining in the mind of the young dreamers. In a town steeped in the star-studded lifestyle, the windows into our mythic attraction become doorways in every direction.

Morisot’s Vase

Oil on canvas 24X24”

– $950 –

‘Real painters understand, with a brush in their hand.’ - Berth Morisot


Alongside Manet, Morisot led the visionary progression of art by breaking the expectations and limits imposed on women. Reaching to transcend the man-woman dichotomy, Morisot claimed a more universal ground of artistry that all artists benefit from today. Here heavy impressionist brushwork gives way to the space of light, as paint is both applied and scraped away, organically unfolding and framed internally, with passionate precision.

Receiving the Light (WIP)

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on canvas, 24X30”

– $1,350 –

‘A beautiful thing never gives so much pain as does failing to hear and see it.’ – Michelangelo Buonarroti

The Gaze (WIP)

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on canvas, 36X48”

– $4,250 –

‘The true work of art is but a shadow of divine perfection.’ - Michelangelo Buonarroti


This homage to Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss draws out the eternal, universal relationship of the maker and the muse, the artist and the lover, the seen and the unseen. Here, the man plays the role of artist, cornered, naked and surrendered, absorbed with the partner of art forever. The woman plays the role of artist as well, graceful, inviting, beholding the viewer in the way the artist sees them. The divine union takes place again, leaving the surface of the image to step into the invisible, creating the intimate space of the whole surrounding world as well as the gaze of unconditional love within it.

Catching the Light (WIP)

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on canvas, 24X24”

– $1,350 –

‘Every beauty which is seen here by persons of perception resembles more than anything else that celestial source from which we all are come.’ – Michelangelo Buonarroti

The Pentateuch

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on canvas, 16X20”

– $1,150 –

‘Things severed shall be united and shall acquire of themselves such virtue that they shall restore to men their lost memory.’ - Leonardo da Vinci


These windows onto my personal exterior studio relationship reveal how in solitary excursion, my dreaming eye catches angelic feathers of a clear vision, and I see signs of the absolute dreamer. I return for immersive sessions day after day, until this flight of the alone to the alone comes to rest again in a perfect image of our mutual unspoken harmony.

Being the Light

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on canvas, 10X20”

– $450 –

‘My works are the issue of simple and plain experience which is the true mistress.’ - Leonardo da Vinci


While they sleep we rise, standing on the shores before the light dawns, making ready for the first breakers. There is a first moment of every experience, when it crashes at our feet in a low crush. We throw ourselves into it, we run away, like children at play in the surf. We can make love, just with our sight.

Heaven on Earth

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on canvas, 12X16”

– $1,150 –

‘It reflects no great honour on a painter to be able to execute one thing well.‘ - Leonardo da Vinci


Southern California is marked by successful efforts to bring back the great green abalone among other native wonders, each small success leading to the next opportunity. The invitation is to step down, to the lowest elevations, where the vibes are the best of the best, and paradise comes home with us.

Nautilus Rose

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on canvas, 12X12”

– Collected –

‘You will not regret the time spent on board my vessel.‘ - Jules Verne

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on canvas, 16X20” / 12X12” / 10X10”

Perhaps I am a Captain Nemo, on a crazed mission in the face of indomitable forces, driven into the cold, hard, unknown deeps. I see in nature a wonderland of dynamic perfection, growing with repeating geometric precision into new chambers of expression.

Cloud Nautilus

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on canvas, 16X20”

– $550 –

‘It is not the ocean you hear in the empty shell of the nautilus, it is the echo of your soul.’ - Khang Kijarro Nguyen


Every movement we make echoes into another, each moment of our lives opens from the center outward. Things are not merely happening to us, we are creating lives. Our elegance grows from nurturing the essential gift of our lives, transforming into the temple of our spirit.

Abalone Nautilus

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on canvas, 10X10”

– $350 –

‘You are going to travel through a Wonderland.’ – Jules Verne


Sailing deeper into the artistic process, I discover an island of style in Renaissance Pop, integrating the layered photorealistic method of oil and tempera with the fine-art silkscreen process pioneered by Andy Warhol. Traveling through his own ironic, superficially deep and iconic factory wonderland he asked, ‘Isn’t life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves?’ 

L.A. Noir

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on wood, 3X5”

– $350 –

‘In Los Angeles, everyone is a star.’ - Denzel Washington


L.A. is a city where light and dark meet in the most tremendous ways, where the center spotlights can cast the heaviest shadows, and where every scripted line speaks to an untold truth. I honor the city of noir with a floret beside the mirror pool, and then I shatter the surface by leaping recklessly into the glassy folds.

Holy Grail

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on canvas, 11X17”

– $650 –

‘The work of art is simply a monument of the temporal within the eternal.’ - Ernst Fuchs


The light reaches even now to the towering icy remnants on the polar nightless seas, and the fair wings that yet aloft to them. It echos, you must be honest about this feeling, must make of it, must bring the fleeting moments back to speak volumes, remembering these places of ephemeral depth, and not just sipping them, but becoming drunk on their mystery and celebration.

Opening the Way

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on canvas, 12X16”

– $1,350 –

‘Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.’ – Emma Lazarus


After the sharp edges are worn down by the toss and turn of the sea, the vivid glare of broken glass becomes the powder soft blues and greens that recall the relentless worldly journey that forms the subtle tapestry of our transformations.

Before your ever-opening altar of sight, the devotee plants a tasseled staff atop the translucent standing stone, unparting the waters. A portal springs within the pale crystal once more, and the tree of life takes glowing root.

Breathless I

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on canvas, 20X24”

– $750 –

‘The position of the artist is humble. He is essentially a channel.’ - Piet Mondrian


I sought for the state of breathless wonder and receiving it from the stillness of the great ones in the fullness around me, my being became an echo of an echo of the one wind come down through the ages, shining like opal over the dark waters. 

Breathless Tide

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on canvas, 24X30”

– $1,350 –

‘Art is the path to being spiritual.’ - Piet Mondrian


What if Michelangelo were on the way to Monet’s for a day on the beach, and he stumbled across Mondrian, and the three of them painted the beach together? This is carrying the influences of the masters, receiving the gift of their sight, appreciating with their expressive eyes, growing into the richest perspective we can have on all we see. Without effort, we walk the path of a shared spirit.

Breathless II

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on canvas, 20X24”

– $750 –

‘I want to abolish time, especially in the contemplation of architecture.’ - Piet Mondrian


Here the oceanic becomes a purely harmonic mirror, a balancing movement and repose in soothing turquoise and enlivening magenta. Gilded and polished, our breathing becomes a surface to take pause upon, to go through together, and to share freely.

Mirage I (Supercar)

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on canvas, 16X20”

– $950 –

‘Art evokes the mystery, without which, the world would not exist.’ – Rene Magritte


The Bugatti supercar makes a perfect vehicle for a second casting of Renaissance Pop. When we speed down the road in ultimate style, we are aiming for the mystery while we keep rolling through the great mirage. 

Mirage II (Longboarder)

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on canvas, 12X12”

– $450 –

‘Everything we see hides another thing, we always want to see what is hidden by what we see.’ - Rene Magritte


Every morning, the california zen masters come out, boys and girls, young and old, from all nations, dressed in black sealskin, carrying their personal vessels into the juggernaut sea. There in the rip curl is the hidden waving ephemeral, revealing itself in those perfectly crashing sweeps.

Mirage III (Harley)

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on canvas, 12X12”

– $450 –

‘My painting is visible images which conceal nothing, they evoke mystery.’ - Rene Magritte


Motorcycles are not really motorcycles, they are the dreams we have of flying, and when they are completely alive as motorcycles, they are not even wings, they are the joy of a free spirit with the power to create chrome lightning, rolling thunder, and burnt rubber, who just cruises.

Hockney Crush

Oil on canvas, 16X24”

– $750 –

‘You must plan to be spontaneous.’ - David Hockney


Imagine climbing down the trail and across the rocks at the edge of the slowly rising tide, paintbox in hand, shoes wet, sun scattering over the foaming movement, crashing over the earth. There is an energy which is not only palpable to us as we make our way, but which is tangible in paint. It cannot be predicted, but it can be planned for, appreciated, expressed, and shared.

Hockney Hills

Oil, tempera, gold leaf on canvas, 12X24”

– $450 –

’I paint what I like, when I like, and where I like.’ - David Hockney


Summer mountains provide a sweeping weight of light and warmth that creates a sweetness in the air, the palette, the brush. We love to be outside as much as we appreciate our indoors, we come out to see the bigger picture. We take it in and we use it to refresh our spirits and recharge our vision. Paintings do not merely describe what once was then, they remind us of what is there now.

Hockney Cove

Oil on canvas, 16X20”

– $750 –

‘The photograph isn't good enough. It's not real enough.’ - David Hockney


Hockney devoted himself to engaging the landscape, to painting what felt right, to exploring how our perception actually works, to drawing out the bigger picture. Here the panel is demarcated into nine windows, and a different focal point of the whole panorama selected and painted within each, from the fractal hills on the horizon, to wave splashed rock formations. These are then methodically woven together, as the painting transitions from an immediate impression into an abstract expression that fuses and depicts the roving movements of the beholding eye as it sweeps through the seaside afternoon.

We are the heart of reality. That is the beautiful truth.