The Art of Healing

Restoration: discovery, therapy, recovery of body, mind and emotion.

Treatment is a Science. Healing is an Art.

Immerse yourself in a moment of creative refreshment. Envision your transformation, appreciate your gifts, nourish health, live well.

Deeply practical insight.

    • Benefit from years of healthcare quality, coaching, and artistic expertise. Get inspired by powerfully personal patient and caregiver stories.

Best possible outlooks.

    • Create the space for family and friends to step-back from treatment or recovery, and appreciate our human spirit within the healing process.

Clearly inspired resilience.

    • Engage thoughts and feelings in a safe and accepting activity. Embrace both the source of healing within and the journey of recovery and growth.

Highest quality outcomes.

    • Master the key factors that determine both care team performance and ongoing quality-of-life improvement. Map the vision of your fulfilling life.

Michael Irish MS is a Master Artist trained in the Vienna School, and Economist and Accountant. Former strength coach, strategy consultant and healthcare quality expert, he relates with each audience and individual from personal experiences as both a patient and a caregiver, to help both groups artfully navigate the healing process.

Creative Presentations & Immersions

Guided creative experiences that integrate into our lives.


The Art of Healing Presentation

    • Great opening energy for group gatherings. We re-discover the transformative role of art in medical practice and our personal wellness lifestyle.

    • Re-connect the dots of identity, inspiration, information and improvement. Look deeply into our vision of best quality care and most valuable outcomes.



The Art of Healing Immersion

    • Powerful creative experience for both patients and caregivers alike.  We are guided into a beautiful reminder of our natural healing senses and expressions.

    • Explore the therapeutic artistic process of opening, exploring and embracing. We strengthen the perception and appreciation of our wholeness and wellness.

    • Engage the healing process in a fundamentally creative and nourishing way. We gracefully draw out the story of our care journey, refreshing our quality of life.

    • Enjoy a mature childlike moment of creative play amidst treatment and recovery. Hosted by a master artist, reveal a personal vision that will continue to inspire.



Healing, Health & Wellness

The source of healing is also the source of creativity.

Art-making helps us to live whole-heartedly.

We all care about what we find beautiful. We all live better when we are inspired.

The Art of Caring.

We draw together our errors, flaws, and unknowns, with our talents, inspirations, and insights. Clear observation and creative integration become the fertile ground for our brilliant and caring vision, and the motivation for sharing success. Art teaches that helping hands will mend the wound, while inspiration will heal the soul. We are all dignified and inherently beautiful.

We overcome the barrier in connecting with and providing care by addressing our clarity. Using transparency as personal and professional tool closes this gap, improving communication and collaboration. Developing an active interest in our vulnerability and availability affects care quality, life improvement, and best possible outcomes. We are natural caregivers. 

We design encounters to uplift each other. Caring and healing are demanding, creative acts. Continuous, non-linear, asynchronous, and at the edges of life, we must manage both our stress and our rest. Every day that we take care, we unsettle ourselves from how well things have been before, knowing the one who needs help now is our greatest opportunity to engage.