Legacy of Arts

Everyone is born an Artist – embrace your Gifts.

The Sunrose Salon

We inspire the scene with your sophisticated guests

  • The Artist joins your moment to guide a fun and personal art-making journey.
  • We deepen your creative energy and presence, while experiencing real magic.
  • Everyone makes a unique and beautiful mini-masterpiece artwork on canvas.
  • Your guests take home a keepsake reminder that keeps shining in their life.
  • Up to 10 guests – $500, plus materials based on your choice of journey.

Private Art Lessons

Seriously fun instruction for the seriously fun student

  • 3 session deep dive – receive all the secret essentials of renaissance painting – $500.
  • 10 sessions – explore painting, drawing, perspective, and formal composition – $1,500.
  • Our 1-2 hour drop-in sessions at your location or our home studio include all materials.
  • 10+ session packages include fully-guided and complete personal artistic direction.
  • Optional focus areas: digital art and design, performance and professional arts.
  • Hourly instruction from playful beginnings to full mastery, your materials – $100/hr.

Artful Enlightenment

Create your life, from the spirit out and the ground up

  • Master principles of the ‘creatively poised’ neurological flow state, through your own artistic lifestyle.
  • Integrate the four key arts, of bodily presence, emotional stability, mental clarity, and creative energy.
  • Establish your transformative worldview, most gorgeous expression-in-action, freedom and fullness.
  • This is a relationship of the most clearly focused Artistic attention possible, from within and without.
  • Access decades of active wisdom as strength coach, strategy consultant, creator, father and CEO.
  • 1-2 hr sessions. 10 session essentials program, and ongoing collaborative engagements available.