Professional Spaces

Put your guest and clients at ease with custom artwork staging

What We Offer

  • Elevate the energy of your service space, from office lobbies to treatment chairs.
  • Perfect for yoga studios and wellness spas, medical, legal and other professionals.
  • Give your guests and clients something beautiful and refreshing to experience.
  • We will work with you to establish your custom style, from original oil masterpieces made just to suit your tastes, to gorgeous limited edition acrylic panels that we can easily update down the road. We keep your culture remarkably fresh.
  • Public spaces tap into the value of artwork and rely on it to elevate the mood of guests from patients to professionals, to take them beyond the walls of important or uncomfortable moments. Set the perfect tone, with powerful beauty.



  • $2,000 – 1 large lobby original piece, with 4 smaller room pieces.
    • Additional small pieces for $250
    • Additional large pieces for $750
  • $1,000 – 1 large lobby acrylic panel, with 4 smaller room panels.
    • Additional small panels for $150
    • Additional large panels for $375
  • Sky Lights – $300 per room
    • Give guests a vision of soothing, healing colored banners to see while reclining for treatment. Great for energizing treatment rooms and workout studios.
    • More caring with a minimal footprint. Interchangeable and easy to remove.
    • Custom designed to style, with several standard drop-ceiling options.