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The principles of beautiful organizations and artistic masterpieces are the same

What We Offer

Personal service with a professional focus.

Highest Quality Presence

Our tools and techniques integrate decades of professional experience and wisdom that spans strength coaching, strategy consulting, and quality improvement.

Customized Service. Whether you need an opening presentation, or a multi-day executive retreat, we tailor our engagement to your current goals.

Best Possible Decisions

Our workshop creates a perfect opportunity to step-back from the organization in a practical way, and to inspire its ongoing excellence.

Brilliance is performance. We engage top-tier personal and professional development exercises that help us to clarify, expand, focus, and employ our intelligence.

Most Valuable Outcomes

We customize before-and-after assessments to draw fresh insights into your organizational effectiveness, and your personal engagement.

Truly beautiful culture. Through an enriching artistic experience, we practice the simple and yet profound method of renaissance art, refreshing our sensibilities.

Your Company is a Way of Art. Return to it with your own vision-map of practical guidance and lasting motivation. Make a memory together, guaranteed to improve your work life.

We discover our own personal patterns, forms and tones, with easy movements through colored pencil and water-based paint. We pace ourselves, at liberty to play.

Personal clarity. Team connection. Perfected.

Casual, guided exploration and expression. Recast your team with an artistic edge. Improve your energy, ingenuity, and originality for use on big issues to fine details.

Relax and reflect in an inviting, constructive way.

Invest a moment to focus on the brilliance of your people. Share proven principles of innovative presence and insightful direction that weave our core personal emotions and experiences into highest-value interactions and most-profitable collaborations.

Have some fun, be respected, and feel rejuvenated.

A mini-workshop designed to be collectively uplifting while embracing the dynamic new challenges and opportunities of our company goals and professional growth.

Realize how the power players build their legacies.

Top-tier personal, professional, organizational and healthcare development insights, drawn together in a team-building artistic immersion. Hosted by your own Master Artist and CEO, former Strength Coach and Strategy Consultant, Michael Irish, MS.

In the future, we are all artists and our world is truly beautiful. Welcome to the future.

Welcome to the Artistic Company. Elevate your Team. Inspire the Best.

The Artistic Mind

Personal development is the root of both remarkable value and lasting profit.

90 min. to Full-Day Options. Peruse Full Sample Program.

Sample Agenda

We examine the key dimensions of human life and organization.

  1. We introduce our native orientation, and big questions we embrace or ignore.
  2. We learn how the four stages of creating a masterpiece teach us all about life.

We address each area with a specific developmental exercise.

  1. Our toolkit increases the depth of our perspectives and breadth of our practice.
  2. We learn to dynamically balance analytic reflection with aesthetic expression.

We establish how to appreciate everything, beginning with us.

  1. Our customized pre/post evaluation provides measured, insightful direction.
  2. We have fun making art, sharing our fresh views, language and compassion.

Module 1: Spirit & Identity

We work with the principles of visionary understanding, to be clear, concise, and compelling.

  • Insight: we practice the essential aspects of structured perspective and practical communication.
    1. State-of-the-art means rendering fields of information into greater wholes. We define a complete style of communication by relating the formal elements of ground, midtone, highlight, reflection, and shadow with the social elements of context, topical theme, takeaway, unknown, and taboo.
  • Artistry: taking responsibility for enjoying the groundwork of gorgeous lives, we renew community.
    1. Creative energy reflects bodily presence, emotional stability and mental clarity. We honestly asses our position as the instruments of appreciating information and enacting inspiration.

  • Artwork: we make the ‘imprimatura’ or the first imprints, our ‘mana prima’ or primal gestures.
    1. We choose one quick-dry color or two, grab the big brush and gloves, and make new space. 
    2. We are free to move about, to create and erase marks, readying to draw on our energy.
  • Outcome: as Artists, we work with the whole field of experience, and how to creatively interact.
  • Takeaway: the evidence points to perfection in-hand. How do I best exercise my inspiration? 

Making artwork teaches us that everyone is always communicating who they are, and why.

Module 2: Cultural Expression

We work with the principles of myth, motif and meta-narrative, to insightfully re-discover society.

  • Insight: we shift viewpoints from local self-motivation outward, to the biggest pictures around.
    1. Composition is self-composure. We see as peers who wish us well and know us best, gain advice of partners who can support or derail us, and give voice to what the planet has to say through us now. 
  • Artistry: drawing together all of our sources of inspiration, we create something truly new.
    1. We are all actively receiving and creating threads of experience that weave between family, friends, and even foes. We engage meta-narrative to transform senses, symbols and gestures.

  • Artwork: we make the ‘carton’ or the cartoon, flowing, framing, and drawing out creative energy.
    1. We choose one motif or two, and use some references to come up with a nice loose sketch.
    2. Using colored pencils, we feel into shapes, and begin exploring our sense for light and tone.
  • Outcome: as Artists, our self-identify is our skillfulness, anchored by a vision of our beautiful world. 
  • Takeaway: the evidence shows our story determines success. What is my personal inspiration story?

Mature composition reflects deep composure. It always inspires broader appreciation and action.

Module 3: Skillful Mastery

We work with the principles of transformative values, to transfer our learning into behaviors.

  • Insight: we embody the future world one way or another. It is always with us, at-hand right now.
    1. We must honor the traumas. Describing our voices of absence, we then call on our voices of presence, sourcing openness, courage, and will to envision and enact best possible futures.
  • Artistry: we make great art by investing our inspiration into all of life, not just parts of our lives.
    1. Technical discipline turns inspired insight into lasting excellence. We learn to simplify action into broad strokes, focusing in on one valuable area at a time. Studying our values refines those values.

  • Artwork: we begin truly sculpting our vision, defining our tragedy, comedy, ecstasy and mystery.
    1. Working with the full scale of light and shade, we deepen our sensitivity for unified values.
    2. We are free to move about, to create and erase marks that bring us into fulfilling forms.
  • Outcome: as Artists, we break the mold of fear, judgement and cynicism with the light of our own value.
  • Takeaway: the evidence tells us that we are co-creative. What does inspiring other people look like? 

Our commitment emerges when the responsibility of our giftedness matches the context of our genius. 

Module 4: Resource & Organization

We work with the principles of visionary life. Quite simply, life is a vision, ever in-the-making.

  • Insight: we identify and integrate the key aspects of decision-making into the act of apprecation.
    1. We leave no shelter for manipulation. We practice embodying the proposition and clarification, not my-intentions. We learn how to invite more questions, tensions, aspirations, and authorities. We delay decision-making to its only moment, the final one. We make ourselves invaluable gateways.
  • Artistry: ultimately we are a miraculous act of gratitude, because we have tasted real perfection.
    1. We have to come around to do things again and again, to behold our vision and action more clearly, to bring our heart and mind forward with even greater effect. This is our natural genius.

  • Artwork: we glaze our ‘sculptures’ in color, witnessing as our feelings soak into the light and shade.
    1. Color is a nourishing revelation, warming and cooling in visual devotion to our mindfulness.
    2. We are free to move about and interact, to make and erase marks with creative delight.
  • Outcome: as Artists, we are not making artifacts, we are just studying, preparing for the refinements.
  • Takeaway: the evidence is clearly ever-enlightening us. How do you make your inspired decisions?

Artwork teaches us about life. Life teaches us Artistry. Anticipate everything, including perfection.

Visionary Organization

Analytics and Aesthetics go hand-in-hand. They are the two halves of Artistic minds.

Made for Pros, by a Pro. Designed for both Executive Groups and Dynamic Teams.


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