Real Estate

Bring an immersive energy of luxury and style when staging your property

What We Offer

  • Create unique promotional media content that complements your ideal closing.
  • Create an attractive statement that highlights the value of your property.
  • Entertain and elevate your guests with live painting at your next open house.
  • Custom staged art can be included as an optional feature with purchase.
  • Live-painting video montages remind your audience of your sophisticated flair.



  • Curator Staging – $500
    • 1 large centerpiece and 2 smaller artworks from our collection complement your photoshoot and showings for up to two weeks.
    • $250 more for up to 2 additional weeks.
  • Custom Staging – $1,500
    • 1 custom-made centerpiece and 2 smaller tailored original canvases that you keep (or 4 smaller works).
    • If your clients like the artwork, it can even be your surprise housewarming gift.
  • Live-Art Open House – $500 (4 hrs)
    • Elevate the mood with a live painting performance by a fantastic artist.
    • Full-day / multi-day engagements are eligible to direct and keep the art.