The Luminary Membership

Here is a gift for the art lover in all of us – enjoyment, support and influence of the arts

Give the gift of inspiration

  • The perfect gift for you, a client or other art-lover – a season of personalized limited edition prints.
  • Because we are dedicated to your interests, you impact the way we provide artwork this season.
  • Need art in a hurry? Our exclusive gallery giclées are ready to hang. Just tell us what you want to feel.

Share the gift of art. Send a personal, new original fine-art print, every other month.

  • We will get to know you, or the recipient of your Gift Membership
  • Member tastes will influence our exclusive fine-art print portfolio.
  • We will deliver a personal, ready-to-hang giclée, every other month.
  • Season after season of refreshing art will inspire for years to come.

Please mention if you desire to give an Atelier Membership as a gift, we will be happy to provide accordingly.

All Members receive our fine art magazine Luminary Arts, where we present a broader vision and explore the deeper statement of our expanding company of Artists and their journeys. Together, we serve a brighter world.

Annual Memberships paid up-front provide a serious commitment to the arts, and will receive a complementary month of service, as well as honorable mention in Luminary Arts magazine.

We are here to highlight your vision of life.


  1. When you join, our service begins. We will set our consultation at your earliest convenience
  2. We are an insured art-as-a-service business, and will send you our Member Care Agreement
  3. We will hang your first full-size artwork, suited to taste in your space of choice, as soon as possible
  4. We will stay in touch to share how you are enjoying the inspiration, and what will be coming next
  5. We are a full-service company of arts, available for any of your professional and artistic inquiries