The Artistic Mind

Your creative edge is the greatest advantage.

Workshops & Presentations

An artistic foundation to success

  • Integrate analytics with aesthetics to catalyze powerful, inspired results.
  • Engaging top-tier exercises in personal and organizational development.
  • Enriching artistic experience that deepens our individual and collective brilliance.
  • Artful presentations that engage and inspire your next big audience event.

Visionary Consulting

The most valuable company in the world is yours.

The Principle of Value

Open success by reflecting deeply on effects

  • Michael will engage with your group of choice, bearing the two decades he worked in strength coaching, corporate valuation and strategy, economic and litigation consulting, and non-profit organization.
  • We will draw together and apply deep systemic insights that span his first consulting case to the first-of-kind transparency program he created for a multi-billion dollar fully integrated healthcare system.
  • We establish your top-tier quality improvement vision and adaptive organizing principles.

Value Creation 101

Understanding value transforms us perfectly

  • Through white-board graphics and group interaction, Michael will demonstrate an evidence-based model for organizing and realizing value creation and we will see how the medical field reveals the ‘hard-edges’ of human value creation and risk.
  • We define the transformative viewpoint, while agreeing on the first, potentially only ‘trustworthy’ human system, worthy of emulation. We complete the vision-mapping process.

Visionary Organization

Access the entire Genius of your Company

  • With a fresh eye for deep value, we review our entire organization, including executive presence and leadership, capital and capacity governance processes, strategic programs and incentives, project and portfolio design, quality and community improvement, big data use and public transparency. 
  • We adopt clearly stated values and comprehensive strategy with concise goals, as we re-wire our performance from achieving predictive outcomes to creating expansive benefits. We complete any planned service goals and special assignments, evaluating our work products and success measures

Visionary Leadership

‘We must lead people with a vision of their own values.’

– Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

  • We become leaders by allowing our gifts to serve others. Thank you for all you are and do.
  • Feel free to contact me with any questions and for a copy of my CV and client perspectives.

The Artistic Influence

The future is emerging, for those who can see it.

Cultural Arts

Consider murals and installations, to revitalize walkways and refresh your gathering spaces.

Social Arts

Appeal to your audience with multi-media art kits that expresses your superb presence with fresh purpose.

Information Arts

We upgrade your executive insight by designing and deploying renewable value measures.

Executive Arts

Heightened, all-encompassing approach to your key organizational tensions and aspirations.